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Oppera Internettikka

Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka
by Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman
New Delhi, 2006

 Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka

 Zorman & Stromajer
low-tech IT e-Bollywood
Stromajer sings HTML / operates code-to-oppera software
MC Brane manipulates MP3 orchestra

# performed LIVE in New Delhi
India International Centre, New Delhi, India
Saturday, January 28th, 2006

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Produced by Intima Virtual Base - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Slovenia, 2006, in collaboration with Maska and Cona. Special thanks to Bojana Kunst, Irena Pivka, Shankar Barua, Bacchus Barua.

# video material filmed on stage of the India International Centre and taken from Indian Republic Day parade / live TV broadcast - National TV, New Delhi, 26 Jan 2006

Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka is a project by Igor Stromajer (Intima Virtual Base), singing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and Java (Java Scripts and Applets) source codes/tags in Retro-Bollywood style, and Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN, operating MP3 orchestra live from New Delhi, India.

It was performed live in the India International Centre in New Delhi, in the frame of CeC & CaC - The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave, presented by The Academy of Electronic Arts and The India International Centre, on January 28th 2006, and broadcast live on the internet. CeC - The Carnival of e-Creativity is organised by the producer, curator and director Shankar Barua.

I. Stromajer and B. Zorman were singing, composing and manipulating HTML source code of the www.bollywood.com website, as it was written on August 15th (2005), Indian Independence Day.

# excerpt from www.bollywood.com source code / libretto
# www.bollywood.com is a registered domain of K.C.Varshney [whois]

B. Zorman & I. Stromajer on stage (New Delhi, India International Centre)

> courtesy of
Devyani Arya,
Ballettikka Internettikka # reference: Ballettikka Internettikka - net ballet

Project supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

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