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intima virtual base - www.intima.org


"wap.sonnet - microbe.4/wap.art"
is a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) based artistic project for GSM (Global System of Mobile Communications) WAP mobile phones and PalmTops only. You can acces it via micro WAP browsers at the following address:


intima | virtual base
May 2000
mobile trilogy
micro gsm/gps/wap.art trilogy

  • Net-Business about wap.sonnet; June 26, 2000, page 81; in German language only
  • Matt Locke, (DFI) about Mobile Trilogy (WAP, GSM, GPS); September 2000

"WAP is dead!"
David Rensin -
CTO at Aether Systems, a handheld infrastructure developer in Owings Mills, Md., Mobile Insights conference in Palm Desert, Calif., 2000

"The idea that WML replaces HTML is silly."
Rob Enderle -
chief analyst at Giga Information, in San Jose, Calif., 2000
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Intima Virtual Base - www.intima.org