internet artwork
by Igor Štromajer
is for sale
for € 12.610,00
(twelve thousand six hundred and ten euros / 00 cents)

What do you get?

⇝ the entire idea/concept (0/zero files, 0/zero folders)

⇝ an original invoice

⇝ all standard ownership rights to the concept/idea of this artwork; possibility to negotiate for further special and specific rights

⇝ [bonus gift, for free] screenshot (browser: Chrome 48.0.2564.116 m) / print of the non-existent website/URL, framed in black, broken front glass, 29,7 ⨯ 42 cm (11.69 ⨯ 16.54 in), hand signed by the artist


⇢ not available anymore ↴

SOLD on 5 October 2016 for 11.111,00 ⇝ to a private collector who wants to remain anonymous