Oppera Teorettikka Internettikka
Skopje / Berlin / Ljubljana 1998/99

Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka
New Delhi 2006

Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité
Montpellier 2006

Oppera Internettikka - Sputtnikk Oppera
Internet 2007

Oppera Internettikka - 24h
Internet 2008


Oppera Internettikka

Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité by Annie Abrahams & Igor Štromajer
Opéra National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon, 2006 | intima.org/oppera/oips

Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité
Opéra National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon, France
Salle Molière, 15 December 2006, 8:00 PM

Created by Annie Abrahams & Igor Štromajer
Soundscape: Jan de Weille
Live realtime audio streaming & logistics: Clément Charmet

# performers:
       Mutter Courage: Annie Abrahams
       Secret Agent: Christine Kattner, mezzo-soprano
       Big Brother: Igor Štromajer

franšais | nederlands

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First Part: Big Brother
oips-1.mp3 (11 min 13 sec, 6.5 MB)
Second Part: Secret Agent
oips-2.mp3 (11 min 06 sec, 6.5 MB)
Third Part: Total
oips-3.mp3 (10 min 48 sec, 6.3 MB)
Last Part: Mutter Courage
oips-4.mp3 (11 min 56 sec, 6.9 MB)
oips-1234.zip (all 4
mp3 files, 26.2 MB)

Photo: David Olivari / Flickr

Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité explores the poetics of a contemporary sound form -- opera as a sound event for the audience in the form of a live internet audio broadcast. In that way it combines the notion of the world wide web communication protocols and classical artspace -- an opera house. Opera is a very strictly coded form of art with a lot of passion, and internet is a lonely place of solitude and intimate communication which is becoming more and more fragile, dangerous and suspicious.

- une soirée "historique" (Xavier Malbreil, e-critures.org)
- opéra révolutionnaire (LK, Montpellier Plus)

- Les fantasmes de l'opéra par Marie Lechner, Libération, 17 octobre 2006

- LE NET ART PEUT-IL SORTIR DU NET ?, Xavier Malbreil analyse comment le contenu déborde du net dans l'Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité, Magazine électronique du CIAC, No. 29, 2007. (fr, .DOC)

- video: Rhizome Commissions '08 4/5

- Numérique et transesthétique; edited by Gérard Leblanc, Sylvie Thouard

- Verbindingen/Jonctions 12: 12de editie van een tweejaarlijks festival; "We Bedoelen Met Data" - Brussel, Belgie, 21-29 november 2009

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Three artists with specific roles are performing a complex structure combined of sounds, voices, noises, internet audio files and sound-manipulating machines.

Time-line (54 minutes):

The libretto for the opera is composed out of three sources -- Mutter Courage is using the texts written and proposed in advance by the online visitors, Big Brother's only lyrics comes from a web search engine which he is manipulating in realtime, and the Secret Service Agent is singing the HTML source code (Hypertext Markup Language - the authoring software language used on the internet's world wide web for creating world wide web pages) and Java scripts (JavaScript is a script language - a system of programming codes that can be embedded into the HTML of a web page to add functionality) from specifically selected French secret service web sites.

Co-produced by bram.org (France), Intima Virtual Base (Slovenia), Association Panoplie (France), 2006. Executive producer: Elisabeth Klimoff (Panoplie Artistic director).

Project supported by Ministère de la culture et de la communication (DRACLR), la Ville de Montpellier, le Conseil Régional Languedoc Roussillon, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Rhizome.org 2006-2007 Commissions / [video], Languedoc-Roussillon Cinéma, Montpellier Agglomération.


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