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Balletikka Internettikka

Low-Tech Internet Para-Ballet by Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman | 10 years: 2001-2011 | www.intima.org/bi

Ballettikka Internettikka: BEO Guerrиllиkka, 13 October 2005, Belgrade, Live Internet Broadcast

- authors and performers: Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman
- theoretical adviser: Bojana Kunst
- live MP3 audio (composed, manipulated and performed) by MC Brane Vs BeitThroN
- live video editing: Igor Štromajer
- curator: Ana Vujanović
- executive producer: Jelena Knežević
- special thanks to: Marta Popivoda

Location: National Theatre in Belgrade (Narodno Pozorište u Beogradu), Serbia
Microlocation: Office of the Ballet Director (3rd Floor)

Co-produced by TkH - Centre for Performing Arts Theory and Practice Belgrade, Intima and Cona, Ljubljana. Secretly performed in the National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia.

Live Internet broadcast of the guerrilla bureau net ballet performance started on 13 October 2005 at 9 PM GMT+1 and lasted 23 minutes. Štromajer and Zorman have entered the office (brain center) of the National Theatre Ballet Director, where the hardest artistic decisions to run the institution are taking place. The artists have entered the building dressed as electricians, employes (Igormir Neutronović and Branimir Protonović) of an nonexisting Serbian electricity-service company Elektroda d.o.o., coming to fix the previously reported malfunction on the National Theatre's electrical system (with the help of an anonymous undercover rat-collaborator inside the theatre - code name: Mirloslav).

Artists used low-tech mobile and wireless equipment for the invasion and live broadcast (portable computers, mini digital camera, MP3 audio systems, mobile WAP/GPRS telephones etc). A laptop and Logitech webcam, together with Webcam32 (version 6.0) software were used for the live video broadcast (signal running over Intima Virtual Base FTP server). Another laptop and MP3 player with online interface SHOUTcast (version 1.8.3/win32), were used for the live sound broadcast (signal running over Beitthron FTP server). A local Serbian GSM mobile phone operator (Mobtel) was used for GPRS mobile internet connection. The preparations have been taken serious, safety measures have been calculated, and the previous experience from the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and La Scala in Milan has been very welcome.

# National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište, Belgrade

Action Timetable / Belgrade, Oct 13th 2005 / GMT+1:
20:55 Equipment check on the parking place in front of the National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište
20:57 Turning the computers on
20:59 Establishing wireless Internet connection: Mobtel /SCG (GSM 900/1800)
21:00 Starting live Internet broadcast (code: -2) and final equipment check
21:01 Entering the building of the National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište; climbing the stairs - 3rd Floor (code: -1)
21:05 Entering the office of the Ballet Director of the National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište (3rd Floor / left): (code: 0) starting live bureau net ballet (10 min)
21:15 End of live bureau net ballet: exiting the office; descending the stairs (code: +1)
21:19 Exiting the building of the National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište
21:20 Terminating wireless Internet connection at the parking place outside the National Theatre / Narodno Pozorište and turning off the computers (code: +2)
21:23 Taking the taxi to the O3ONE Gallery
# Exceeded Time: + 3 min

Exhibition: Ballettikka Internettikka 2001-2005

Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman
9-16 October 2005
Gallery: O3ONE Art Space, Andrićev venac 12, Belgrade

The conceptual and performative complexity of this exhibition was to shift the boundaries of comprehending artistic actions; this project relied on contemporary technology, wast documentation and brought a certain risk in, as containing a performance of a guerrilla internet bureau ballet in one of the most important local cultural institution - National Theatre in Belgrade (Narodno Pozorište u Beogradu), Serbia. The audience had a chance to watch the direct broadcast of the action from a safe distance, in the O3ONE Gallery. The exhibition, that was also mounted there, focused on a series of multimedia and Internet based artistic projects (actions and performances), realized in the period between 2001 and 2005, concluding with a performance Ballettikka Internettikka: BEO Guerrиllиkka.

Project was financially supported by the Municipality of Belgrade, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

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- Ballettikka Internettikka exhibition in KIBLA / KiBela, 6-16 May 2005, Maribor, Slovenia

Kanal A, Parada plesa, 2005 (VHS video):

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# Ballettikka Internettikka exhibition in Škuc Gallery; Photo: Dejan Habicht

# Ballettikka Internettikka exhibition in Škuc Gallery; Photo: Intima

Kanal A, Parada plesa, 2005 (VHS video):

- pogovor z Jelko Šutej Adamič - Delo, 09.05.2005 (PDF)
- pogovor s Katarino Šulek - Večer, 16.05.2005 (PDF)

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