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Balletikka Internettikka

Low-Tech Internet Para-Ballet by Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman | 10 years: 2001-2011 | www.intima.org/bi

Ballettikka Internettikka: RenminNetBallet, 17 November 2007, Hong Kong, Live

- authors and performers: Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman
- theoretical adviser: Bojana Kunst
- live MP3 audio (composed, manipulated and performed) by MC Brane Vs BeitThroN
- live video editing: Igor Štromajer
- curators: Nora Ng, Diane To
- special thanks to Keith Lam and Irena Pivka

People's Internet Ballet was furtively performed in the Hong Kong City Hall toilet for disabled persons (1st Floor, HK CH Low Block, Edinburgh Place / N, E) and presented in the Innocentre, Hong Kong.

Saturday, 17. November 2007
9 AM Central European Time (GMT+1)
4 PM Hong Kong Standard Time (GMT+8)

Co-produced by Microwave Festival Hong Kong, Intima and Cona, Ljubljana.

- - - - -

Ballettikka Internettikka is a series of live streaming tactical art projects by Igor Štromajer and Brane Zorman that began in 2001 with the research of ballet dancing the HTML and Java source code. It explores wireless internet performance combined with guerrilla tactics, dancing toy-robots, and mobile internet broadcasting strategies. The ten-year project ended in 2011.

After invading The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow (March 2002), La Scala in Milan (November 2004), The National Theatre in Belgrade (October 2005) and Volksbühne in Berlin (July 2006), Štromajer and Zorman performed a new guerrilla net ballet in the toilet room for disabled persons of the targeted building in Hong Kong (Hong Kong City Hall), by re-enacting, remaking and reinterpreting their own last year's VolksNetBallet performance in Volksbühne Berlin. This time, the Hong Kong version of the German people's guerrilla internet ballet was created.

       # robot: Silverlit R/C Robot Program-a-BOT / 32 programmable, sound sensor, intelligent sensor detects obstacles, communicates

     # Clear Latex Examination Gloves

Performing people's internet ballet in a Hong Kong City Hall toilet room for disabled persons represented a big conceptual and strategic challenge, therefore, the preparations were taken seriously and all the safety measures were calculated.

# Location: Hong Kong City Hall

Luminous Echo
Exhibition Period: 10 - 19 November, 2007
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2007

HONG KONG, an energetic cosmopolitan in Asia, is acclaimed internationally for its glamorous night view of lights extravaganza around the two side of the harbour. With a switching device, a notorious skyline will set the stage that chorus with a complex sound structure that can only be composite by a city as dense and a population so dynamic. Basing on this link of our metropolis to LIGHT, SOUND, and SPEED, the curatorial team of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2007 sets out to reexamine the relationships between these three key elements in media creations by showcasing works that demonstrate the interactive forces of optical, electronic and sonic elements.

Speed is a prime noun in addressing Hong Kong on a global scope. Speed is also a rate of motion where light and sound ride on. Microwave 2007 is going to present a phenomenal interactive experience when this two "speed" meets, under a tentative title of "LUMINOUS ECHO".

Through various light sculptures and sound works from around the world, we are going to witness how light and sound trigger different emotional response while blending with prominent Hong Kong landmarks, architectures, as well as the general public. Apart from lights up for the sake of seeing more and listen up for the sake of hearing loud, Microwave is about to enlighten your heart with an extraordinary intensity then vibrate your mind in a rarely experienced frequency.

LUMINOUS ECHO aims at bringing in new experience of media art in a creative and attractive way. Luminous Echo will also include a series of seminars that stimulate discussions on the role of technology in the history of media art. The entire theme is also aiming at encouraging new works that study light and sound in an experimental way.

Microwave International New Media Art Festival
1801 Wing On Central Building, 26 Des Voeux Rd C, Hong Kong

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# Notice in front of the toilet for disabled people, Hong Kong City Hall, 17 November 2007

"We shall fight them on the beaches. We shall fight them on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender."
(W. Churchill)

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